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BasketStats is an IPad tool.
The main goal of this app is to make it easy and intuitive to record accurate statistics for basketball games.

Collect basketball stats for your favorite teams. Record all events for both teams real-time while you are watching the game. Generate a detailed report and mail it!

You can follow your own team, your player or record statistics for both teams in a game.
After recording a game it is extremely easy to distribute the statistics for the game.
You can simply send the recorded statistics by a mail
You can decide yourselves if you want to send the whole team statistics, or just the statistics per individual player
It is also easy to go back to old recorded games an distribute the statistics for theese games.

Lovers of basketball statistics often enjoy comparing statistics. The statistics will show how well a player works within a team.
Using this amazing tool you can simply by a few touches get accurate details about the players in the team.
Who among the shooting guards gets blocked the most
Where do each player attempt to score from, and where do they succeed
Who is the best offensive player, and who is the best defensive player
How long has each player been on cort etc...